Q & A  

All Hound & Gatos Products Are Complete Meals For All Lifestages & 

 All products are formulated to meet all standards set by AAFCO

Q. I’m looking for a top-quality food for my pet. What ingredients should I look for on the label?

A. A healthy food for your dog or cat offers your pet true nutrition. At Hound & Gatos we believe true nutrition begins with a balanced diet similar to what they would eat in nature: a diet high in protein. The first ingredient on all of our labels is a meat source such as beef, chicken or fish. Our products are manufactured in the USA. No bi-products, fillers, inferior ingredients, or artificial preservatives are added into our products. Never Carrageenan. Our products are 100% meat 0% grains. 

Q. What ingredients can cause my pet allergies and other health issues?

A. As you read labels, be sure to steer clear of products containing the following ingredients:

  • Companies that fill their products with generic Liver! You're buying Rabbit or Chicken -not 99.9% Beef liver or chicken Liver. 
  • Meat by-products
  • Rendered animal fats
  • Corn
  • Soy
  • Wheat
  • Added sugar
  • Artificial preservatives
  • Artificial flavors, colors or dyes

Q. Why is a high-protein diet a balanced diet for my pet?

A.  At Hound & Gatos we believe pets should be given diets that reflect their diets in the wild, which is why we developed an all-meat diet. You've never seen dogs and cats grazing in wheat or rice fields. 

Q. Why do pet foods contain grains and other ingredients that can damage their health?

A. When a dog is given a diet with grains, the dog goes from thriving to merely just surviving. Cats can’t function without a diet based of animal protein. However, manufacturers of pet food began adding grains and other inferior products to pets’ diets to save on costs. As a result, consumers have misunderstood the meaning of true nutrition for their pets and they feed them a diet that more closely resembles a human diet than that of a cat or dog in the wild.

Q. Do you have any organizations that have supported Hound & Gatos? 

A.  Yes, 4 years awarded Most Trusted Pet Foods by Truth About Pet Food, 3 years Whole Dog Journal, won all Five Stars at DogFood Advisor.com, and CatInfo.org. 

Q. Will an all-meat diet damage my pet’s kidneys?

A. Dogs are meat eaters by nature and their bodies were created to excrete the protein waste in ways that humans and other animals aren’t capable. A healthy pet should have no problem digesting protein-based diets.

Q. What about BPA?  

A. We have been assured by our cannery that our cans are BPA free.