Keeping your pet healthy is not easy with dry, commercial pet foods. Dogs and cats are naturally carnivores, so it’s imperative to feed them a diet rich in animal protein, but devoid of plant-based protein or over-processed dry food. Hound & Gatos is dedicated to producing grain free dog food and cat food that will help your pet avoid painful conditions like cat urinary tract infection or dog upset stomach. Our “Paleolithic pet food” will keep your pet feeling their best.

Cats and dogs naturally get most of their water from their food, so feeding them commercial dry food is unnatural and leads to conditions like cat urinary tract infection. Dog upset stomach can be avoided with our grain free dog food that helps give your canine companions the nutrients and water-rich diet they need, along with the flavor they crave. With human-grade meat that satisfies your cat or dog and keeps them out of the vet’s office, Hound & Gatos pet foods will help your furry friends live long, happy lives. Order your natural pet food today from