Four bags of dog and cat food.Yellow (cage free chicken) and green (grass fed lamb) top over black packaging dog food. Red (wild caught salmon) and purple (cage free turkey) top over black packaging cat food.

Dogs and cats know what they like to eat. MEAT!

That’s why Hound & Gatos created a complete menu of animal protein-packed foods for pets like yours.

Cooked lamb chop, salmon filet, beef filet, chicken breast and poultry leg on a bright blue background.

If there’s one thing all pets can agree on, it’s that they love to eat meat. The more, the better!


Your pup is sure to come running when you open a can of Hound & Gatos dog food. These precisely balanced recipes are 100% grain free and come in a range of irresistible flavors.

Drawing of yellow and white dog next to two cans of beef and chicken & liver dog food on the top. On the bottom are two cans of mackeral and gamebird poultry cat food next to drawing of yellow and white cat.


Packed with aroma, texture and flavor, Hound & Gatos 98% meat dinners are formulated for felines of every age and breed. If your cat is a super-picky eater, you’re in for a pleasant surprise!

These dinners are brought to you by a family-owned, Wisconsin-based company that’s been providing healthy, natural ways to reward our best four-legged friends since 1992.

Our Fans

  • "I love my new food so much that I licked the bowl clean...I can actually see my reflection!!"

  • "WOW AMAZING dinner tonight! I just DEVOURED Hound & Gatos Pork & Liver complete meal food!!!"

  • "Mr. Big Loves his Hound & Gatos dog food...I finally found a brand he likes, only took 12 years!"