worldwide map of locations where ingredients are sourced and produced


All Hound & Gatos diets use animal ingredients as main protein sources to mimic an ancestral diet. We use only highly functional & nutritional ingredients. We commit to high quality, transparency & trust. We continue to listen to pet parents’ needs and follow scientific discoveries.

Check every recipe and you’ll find that real meat is always the #1 ingredient in our formulas. Every ingredient is here for a reason – to make it a complete and balanced diet.

  • No controversial ingredients, no fillers
  • No meals, no beans, no peas, no chickpeas, white potatoes, corn or soy
  • No highly processed meat, poultry or fish meals
  • Grain Free & Ancient Grain recipes
  • No controversial grains
  • Transparent & natural flavors
  • Majority of ingredients from US and Canada
  • Made in the USA
Salmon filet, poultry drumstick, sweet potato, cranberries, blueberries, broccoli, lamb, eggs, ancient grains and agar agar: some of the ingredients in our dry dog and cat food.


In our DRY FOODS, you’ll find:

REAL MEAT, FISH AND POULTRY Natural sources of proteins, fats, amino acids, fatty acids, vitamins and minerals, all in highly bio-available forms. No highly processed, rendered meat meals!

WHOLE EGGS Nature’s most digestible protein, packed with essential amino acids to support your pet’s muscle growth and metabolism.

SWEET POTATO Rich in soluble and insoluble fiber to promote proper digestion.

TAPIOCA A natural root vegetable that’s an excellent source of complex carbohydrates and high in dietary fiber. It also contains essential vitamins and minerals. Tapioca is consumed by millions of people around the world each day.

BETA GLUCANS An all-natural prebiotic that feeds the “good” bacteria in a pet’s gut.

Free radical-fighting superfoods.

TAURINE Added for canine & feline health.

SPELT & QUINOA Natural goodness of ancient grains in select recipes.

Ingredients in wet food - wooden spoon and bowl of Agar Agar, a cut piece of perfectly cooked meat, a baked poultry leg, cooked salmon filet, cooked poultry breast and a cooked lamb chop.

Our WET FOODS contain:

98% ANIMAL PROTEIN Only the highest quality meats, fish and poultry. No meat meals, meat by-products or rendered animal fats!

NATURAL AGAR AGAR Used as thickening or binding agent instead of carrageenan, guar gum or xanthan gum.

VITAMINS & MINERALS A completely balanced blend of vitamins and minerals essential for canine and feline health.

That’s all!