I’ve heard rumors linking grain free diets with canine heart disease. Is it safe to feed Hound & Gatos products to my dog?

There are many studies being conducted focusing specifically on canine dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) in dogs. Unfortunately, there haven’t been any specific conclusions. What we do know is that based on published research to date, DCM may be connected to consumption of common legumes such as peas, lentils and chickpeas in the diet. Our recipes don’t contain any of these ingredients. Instead, we use higher percentages of real meat and also utilize whole eggs in our dry recipes for added protein. Additionally, Hound & Gatos dry canine diets contain supplemental taurine to address the potential link between taurine deficiency and DCM.

*Dear Loyal Customers:

Due to the global pandemic, Hound & Gatos has faced extraordinary supply chain issues that include ingredient shortages, can shortages as well as production delays due to shut downs. An unacceptable result of the shortages and plant shut downs is many cats that need our canned diets to stay healthy were not receiving their food because of the lack of supply. To address this issue, we are temporarily producing the canned Chicken & Liver for Cats in both the United States and Ecuador. All our other canned products, including limited supplies of Chicken & Liver for Cats, are still being manufactured in the same USA facility used since the brand was launched.

Our Ecuador partner processes human food tuna brands that are sold globally, including the USA. All ingredients for our Chicken & Liver for Cats food produced in Ecuador are sourced here in the USA from the same sources used for our USA canned product. The production in Ecuador is being closely monitored by our team of U.S. pet nutritionists, vet nutritionist and food safety experts to ensure that this diet meets our strict standards for food safety, nutrition and palatability – standards that you expect from all Hound & Gatos products.

Whether the food is made in the United States or Ecuador, all of our wet canned recipes can have slight visual variances in appearance from one production run to the next. This is a direct result from the variances in the high-quality, natural protein we use. Additional factors to keep in mind are that we don’t and never have used fillers or food coloring, resulting in potential color variances from production run to production run.

The Hound & Gatos team is committed to providing only the best for you pet family members as well as ours.  We will continue to monitor the need to produce in Ecuador as the supply chain here in the USA begins to open up again. Once we have an assured supply, we will again produce all Chicken & Liver for Cats at our USA facility.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support.