We are working hard to introduce a Treat Line for both Cat and Dog. These treats can be eaten by their human friends because the ingredients will be
bought from a local store that only carries human food ingredients. Please watch for this introduction.

Your local pet store has access to order all Hound & Gatos Pet Foods. Just ask your favorite Independent Store to call the Distributor and order Hound & Gatos!

PLEASE Like us on Facebook! We are launching a new sales campaign soon! We are SOLD in all 50 US States and all Canadian Provinces!

Canadians can find Hound & Gatos Pet Foods at all Global Pet Foods. In Western Canada, our distributor is Trueman Distribution and your local pet food store can order the
products from them.

Hound & Gatos was Awarded "The Most Trusted Pet Food Co" by TruthAboutPetFood.com (we prove our DNA in our products)

Please visit GotPetFood.com. Brian very knowledgeable on Cat & Dog health issues too. Thanks