We are working hard to introduce a Treat Line for both Cats and Dogs. 

These treats can be eaten by their human friends because the ingredients will be bought from a local store that only carries human food ingredients. Please watch for this introduction. Your local pet store has access to order all Hound & Gatos Pet Foods. Just ask your favorite Independent Store to call the Distributor and order Hound & Gatos! 

PLEASE Like us on Facebook! We are launching a new sales campaign soon! 

We are SOLD in all 50 US States and all Canadian Provinces! Canadians can find Hound & Gatos Pet Foods at all Global Pet Foods. In Western Canada, our distributor is Trueman Distribution and your local pet food store can order the products from them. Hound & Gatos was Awarded "The Most Trusted Pet Food Co" by TruthAboutPetFood.com (we prove our DNA in our products).

Always support the Independent Retail Stores but if one is too far you can buy at K9Cuisine.com, PetFlow, and singles at PetStuff.com.