Warranty information

Some items on our Web site have a manufacturer's warranty; this is noted in the product description. To obtain a written warranty for any of these items, send a specific written request to:  Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp.,

Limited Warranty Questions and Answers

Question: What is covered by Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp., warranty?
Answer: All Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp., products are covered by our Warranty. If at any time you are dissatisfied please return the product with the entire ingredients for a full refund or credit may be issued for a new purchase at your local pet store. We do not warrant a dented can. A dented can does not impact the quality of our ingredients.
Question: What is the length of time of the warranty?
Answer: The warranty period is 7 days after purchase.
Question: To whom is the warranty extended?
Answer: To the original purchaser or the person to whom original delivery was made by Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp.,
Question: What can I expect from Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp.,
Answer: Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp. will determine whether the item under warranty will be replaced without charge.
Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp., reserves the right to remove a defective item from your home for a reasonable period of time in order to make any necessary repairs either in our workshop or by return to the manufacturer.
In cases where Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp., determines a warranted item is defective and we can neither repair nor replace the item, our obligation will be limited to the return of the item for full refund, including delivery and processing charges.
Question: What about an item delivered damaged?
Answer: The customer has the right either to refuse or to accept an item in damaged condition. A customer must report product delivered damaged to Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp., within five (5) business days of receipt. Customer will not be charged delivery and processing for items found to be damaged during delivery.
Question: What limitations and exclusions apply to the warranty?
Answer: This is your exclusive warranty, other than as provided by the manufacturer. Our products are not warranted against normal wear and tear, damage resulting from improper use, accidents, and abuse, neglect, or damage or appearance changes resulting from improper care or storage. Our warranty does not cover product used in commercial non-residential settings. Minor variations in size, shape and color may occur from piece to piece. Our warranty does not cover such minor variations or differences between floor samples, swatches, or product images and your item(s). Any product modification other than by Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp. or the manufacturer voids this warranty. Hound & Gatos Pet Foods Corp. may change this warranty from time to time, so please review the warranty with each purchase.

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