If you’re new to the world of healthy pet food or you’re looking for the latest health benefits of a paleolithic pet food diet, our Resources will give you the knowledge to help your four-legged companions. We’ll use our expertise to help you and your pets avoid common health conditions like feline and canine inflammatory bowel disease, feline kidney disease, and cat liver failure. Find out how you can improve the health of your pet through a natural diet, and how to promote a long life in your dog or cat.

If metabolic, cardiac, or digestive stress has begun to affect your pet, it’s time to give them the nutrition they are lacking. Our wet food can help with feline kidney disease and other ailments that arise from dehydration. Canine and feline IBD can also be addressed through a better diet of protein. Moving away from over-processed feed to healthy pet food will improve your pet’s life exponentially. Hound & Gatos Pet Foods provide the nutrition your pets need to live long healthy lives, and the information in these articles will provide the knowledge you need to look after them.

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