Obesity in our four-legged friends continues to climb. Almost half of all dogs in the U.S. are overweight, and cats have already passed the 50% obese threshold. Pet obesity prevention is becoming a hot topic among veterinarians and pet owners alike, and reducing your pet’s weight problem begins with their diet.

Feeding your pet dry, processed food increases the likelihood that obesity will take hold. Commercial pet foods are so low in nutrients that pets eat more food as their bodies search for the nutritional value they need to survive. In order to receive the proper sustenance, pets will eat more of the harmful food to compensate. Hound & Gatos pet foods provide pets with the juicy meat they are adapted to eat naturally, helping to reduce overeating and the effects of malnutrition.

“Diet” pet foods are becoming popular with consumers who are trying to keep their canine or feline friends at a healthy weight. But these commercial foods remove the precious meat content in their food in favor of carbohydrate fillers. These products help to make your pet feel full temporarily, but they lead to increased stool production, which results in greater appetite, and ultimately a pet who is gaining weight.

Putting your pet on a wet food diet fights muscle loss and the urge to beg. With higher protein and less fat and calories in your pet’s food, they’ll be positioned for better overall health and longer lives. When your dogs or cats voluntarily eat less because they’re receiving the nutrition they need from their food, they won’t be looking for more food than they require naturally. By feeding them a protein-rich meat diet that they naturally crave as carnivores, you will be helping to extend the life of your pet.

Of course, keeping your pet at a healthy weight extends beyond their eating habits. It is unnatural for any mammal to have continual access to food, so maintaining a feeding schedule will curb unnecessary eating. Exercise is vitally important to your pet’s health as well. Overweight dogs and cats suffer from the same kinds of conditions and diseases that plague humans who don’t work out regularly. To keep your pet in top shape, you’ll need to get them moving.

Lose the commercial dry foods and their “weight loss,” “reduced calorie,” or “low fat” cousins that promise to maintain a healthy weight in your pet. Start your pet obesity prevention campaign when you bring Hound & Gatos wet food home for your four-legged companion today.