We value the bond we share with our dogs and cats and we strive to preserve that connection for as long as possible. Keeping your pet healthy and happy is partly achieved by regular exercise and a generous dose of attention, but their diet is often overlooked by many pet owners. Most commercial pet food is either not inspected by the USDA for proper ingredients or does not meet the biological needs of your cat or dog—or both. If you’re constantly saying things like “My cat has diarrhea,” or your dog is suffering from canine inflammatory bowel disease, it’s time for a change.

Natural pet food from Hound & Gatos provides the nutrition your pet requires from organic sources. Feeding your animals a diet they would have enjoyed before domestication does not include grains, which many big brand pet foods use. Dogs and cats are carnivores and the quality of the meat in their diet determines the state of their health.

Pets consuming brand name cat and dog food often suffer from diarrhea, vomiting, flatulence, and even a duller coat. Processed pet foods lead to many of the same conditions that trouble humans who eat a largely processed diet. The metabolism of your pet becomes stressed from a poor diet and pets can develop heart, liver, and kidney disease as a result of malnutrition. Feline and canine inflammatory bowel disease, gastritis, and other health concerns can wear your pet down.

Natural pet food addresses this nutrient deficiency by giving pets the protein they need to avoid inflammatory bowel disease and other similar conditions. Many of the leading pet food makers do not use meats equal in nutritional value to those that humans eat, but our natural pet food uses human-grade meat to support health in your pets.

In addition, dogs and cats received much of their water from the food they ate before domestication. Serving them dry food that is either dehydrated or cooked deprives your pet of the water they need to stay healthy. Since most dogs and cats naturally don’t drink enough water naturally, the chronic dehydration in their organs puts stress on many body systems, most notably the kidneys.

Our natural pet food is never dry because it’s made from pure, quality meat with added vitamins and minerals. Our food is low in carbohydrates, and avoids soy, grains, glutens, and artificial preservatives, colors, and flavors. We design our natural pet food to meet the physiological and dietary needs of your pets so they can live longer, better lives.