How To Prevent A Dog From Getting An Upset Stomach|

You know there’s something wrong, but your four-legged friend can’t tell you what’s bothering them. If you’ve narrowed down the symptoms to those of an upset stomach (drooling, lethargy, loss of appetite, tender abdomen, vomiting, gas, temperature of 102 or higher, or diarrhea), you need to act to stop the stomach problem in the short term and also take steps to avoid it in the future.

Curing a dog upset stomach is similar to a human upset stomach, but there are differences. With all of the information and misinformation spreading throughout the internet on blogs and message boards, we decided to weigh in with our own list of Do’s And Don’ts.


· Feed your dog hamburger meat. It’s unhealthy for your dog and very greasy. This will not help your pet feel better.

· Change your dog’s food abruptly. If you are planning on adjusting your dog’s food to something new (like Hound & Gatos dog food), make sure that the change is gradual so your dog can acclimatize him or herself to the new diet.

· Allow your pet to become hydrated. If he or she does not feel like eating or drinking, either force them to drink something by squirting some water or Pedialyte down their throat and massaging it to force the swallowing reflex, or take your pet to see a qualified veterinarian to prevent serious repercussions including organ failure and even death.


· Take your dog to the vet. There is nothing more reliable than an examination by a qualified professional. If you’re worried about your dog’s health, typing your problems to people you do not know on the internet is not likely to help your dog.

· Provide plenty of water to make sure your dog is hydrated. Dogs eat grass because it helps them to vomit, ridding them of their dietary problem. Water is important to prevent dehydration and aid in well-being, especially when your dog is not eating.

· Make a list of the things your dog has eaten. This may aid your veterinarian diagnose the problem. Dogs often eat toxic house plants which can have serious side effects.

We here at Hound & Gatos pay close attention to dog upset stomach issues because they often reveal deeper, underlying problems with your pet’s health, including ulcers, pancreatitis, Torsion (or bloat), and other serious conditions. Feeding your dog a proper diet free of vegetables or processed food can make a dramatic difference in his or her overall health.

Hound & Gatos food is available in a variety of rich, human-grade meat flavors that your canine companion will love. By giving a dog a diet that he or she can naturally accommodate instead of dry, processed food will help to ensure that your dog will live a happy and healthy life for years to come.