They’re cute, cuddly, and often do the silliest things, but cats are naturally predatory animals and a diet based on their meat-eating pedigree is essential for their long-term health. Cats obtain most of their water from the meat they consume, not from their water bowls. If your cat is being fed a dry food diet, he or she is likely to develop all manner of health problems, including the feared and painful feline urinary tract infection.

You can prevent cat urinary tract infection with our Hound & Gatos cat food, entirely made from healthy animal meat. Our feline food gives cats the water they need from their diet, without giving them unnecessary plant protein. This wet food not only provides better overall nutrition for your cat, the water flowing through your cats urinary tract system will keep it functioning at a healthy level. Without that all-important water, feline urinary tract infections are common.

Cats can suffer terribly from feline urinary tract infection and other illnesses related to a lack of proper hydration. In severe cases, a cat’s urethra may become totally blocked, causing extreme pain. This often results in expensive veterinary procedures, some of which require surgery that increases the chance for further feline UTI issues. You can save your cat from the pain, stress, and trauma of both the condition and the vet visits by simply switching him or her to a diet rich in water. As water flows through the urinary tract, it reduces any inflammation and flushes the system, preventing blockages.

In many cases, prescription drugs and urinary tract formula dry foods are completely unnecessary to curing your cat of its urinary health issues. Once you switch your feline companion to a 100% diet of wet cat food, their problems are likely to dissipate altogether. If you’re smart, however, you won’t wait for a problem to begin before making sure your cat is only getting the best possible nutrition in their diet.

Choose from a range of wet food flavors for your cat from Hound & Gatos, including beef, chicken, pork, salmon and more. All of our ingredients are made from human-grade meat so you can be sure your cat will be getting the best nutrition available. Keep the cat urinary tract infection from every occurring with Hound & Gatos specially formulated cat foods today.